Residential Evictions

Representing Owners, Landlords, Management Companies and Motel Owners in Osceola County, Florida for non-subsidized-residential evictions.

For a typical uncontested, non-governmental, residential Eviction: $580.00

The $580.00 fee covers:

  • Court Filing Fee
  • Up to two summons
  • Service of process
  • Attorney fees
  • Non-governmental
  • Residential eviction for possession only

This price is for up to two tenants. There will be an additional charge of $75 for each additional Tenant.

How It Works:

  1. Email my office to schedule a video or phone conference.
  2. You will make the payment of $580.00
  3. Email, mail, or hand-deliver a copy of the lease, if there is one, and your Notice to Pay or Vacate.
  4. You will give me the amount of rent owed. Do not include late fees.
  5. Your lease will be reviewed.
  6. Your Notice to Vacate will be reviewed to make sure it was completed correctly.
  7. If the Notice was completed correctly  the eviction will be filed and served on your tenants.
  8. If there is no response or any documents filed with the court within the time frame permitted, a motion for clerks default will be filed with the court.
  9. After the Clerk signs the Default a motion requesting possession will be filed with the Court.
  10. A proposed judgment will be sent to the judge for signature.
  11. After the Judgment a copy is mailed to the Tenants.
  12. If the Tenants vacate the premises the case is over.
  13. If the Tenants still do not vacate the Premises you will be required to have the Clerk issue a Writ of Possession to be sent to the Sheriff’s Department to be posted on the front door. The Sheriff will notify you of a day and time for you to meet at the Premises to remove the Tenants.

Be sure to have a locksmith meet you at the residence if you do not have a key. 

Also, note that if the Tenants are still in the residence your will need to have someone with you to help move their furniture and belonging to the curb. Once the SHeriff gives you possession, under no circumstance allow the Tenants to go inside the house for any reason whatsoever.  If you do, you will need to evict them all over. 

If the Notice to Vacate was not completed correctly you will be notified and a proper Notice will be emailed to you with instructions.


The Writ of Possession and Notice to Vacate is not included in the $580.00 fee. If the Tenants vacate the premises without the need for the Sheriff you may not need to have the court issue a writ of possession

Charges for a Writ of Possession: from $150.00


If a response or answer to the complaint is filed with the Court or a court hearing or mediation is required, it is no longer an uncontested eviction and there will be an additional charge of $450.00. The $450.00 includes up to one hearing or mediation. There will be an additional $450.00 charge for each additional hearing or mediation if required.

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