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Cell:      407-914-5903

Flat Fees $1,500.00

Residential eviction for possession only, for up- to 2 tenants. Flat Fee includes:

  1. Initial Consultation with John Karl Schwartz Jr, attorney
  2. Review lease, any Notices you sent to your tenant, and any written communication between you and your tenant.
  3. Draft and serve Notice if required*
  4. Draft and file complaint for eviction for possession
  5. Draft, file, and serve the 5-day summons for each tenant
  6. non-military affidavit for each tenant for you to sign
  7. certificate of mailing
  8. clerk’s default/Judicial Default
  9. motion for default final judgment for possession
  10. proposed order for possession
  11. attendance for up to 2 appearances if necessary
  12. Draft and file writ of possession for sheriff if necessary (includes up to $90 charges to the Sheriff)

There are NO HIDDEN COSTS for copies, envelopes, or stamps.

*If I do the notice to pay/vacate, your initial payment will be $123.00. And if the tenant vacates during that time frame, I will close my file and there will be no additional fees required. (There is no discount if you do your own notice).

If your tenant does not vacate and you proceed with the eviction, you will pay the balance of the Flat Fee. All payments received will be considered as a retainer, non-refundable and immediately usable.   

If you want to go a la carte – Notice: $123.00, Eviction: numbers 1, 2 and 4 through 10 above $749.00. If any response is filed or funds placed in the Registry of the Court an additional $650.00 which includes up to 1 appearance, additional appearances $650.00 each, Writ of Possession $250.00 (includes $90 for the Sheriff)

Additional fees and costs may apply for defending any counterclaims, crossclaims, multiple appearances, and contested matters.

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